Corfu and its delicacies – united at the Bella Vista

The Bella Vista would not be complete without its family run restaurant and cocktail bar, were we always aim to please. At the restaurant we serve traditional Greek cuisine, focussing of course on dishes from Corfu using only local grown ingredients.

All food is served on our roofed terrace with a magnificent view of the Ionian Sea and its famous sunsets. Feel free to relax and enjoy the same view right at the bar as well.

Our menu changes daily. That way we are able to incorporate all the fresh and local delicacies Corfu has to offer. Seasonal vegetables are obtained from the regional farms of the island. To round things off we serve several Greek wines directly from Corfu. Also you will have the opportunity to meet the traditionally freshly brewed beers of the Corfu brewery in our Restaurant.

After dinner, have a look at our extensive selection of cocktails. Our special suggestion is the “Bella Vista Special”, with Cognac and a special liqueur made from the kumquat fruit. This orange like fruit was introduced to Corfu by the Britains back in the 19th century.


is thin strips of veal lightly sauteed in a pan with a white sauce of garlic, parsley, white pepper, white wine, salt and vinegar. Served with rice or mashed potatoes.


is the most famous Corfiot dish, cooked beef with garlic, parsley, salt and pepper. the sauce contains olive oil tomato, onion, cinnamon, cloves garlic, salt, pepper and nutmeg, is always accompanied by pasta. The Pastitsada in villages is made with cockerel,  but Pastitsada can also be done with fish. Pastitsada made with cockerel is the local favourite.   Everyone has their own unique variations of this recipe.


fish and potatoes cooked in a sauce of finely chopped garlic, parsley, lemon juice and black pepper.


boiled fish, Scorpionfish are the best, but other fish such as bass can also be sued.  They are cooked with chili pepper, chopped onions and lemon at the end, in the traditional Bourdeto we never use tomato sauce.  Bourdeto is very tasty with octopus too, it is made with more onions and chopped potatoes boiled together.

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