The History of the family run business Bella – Vista

About us

The owner Moumouris Nikos and his wife Katerina, about 30 years ago, they started building a single apartment in the area (Kontogialos), just for their family.

Soon after, people walking by or going swimming to Kontogialos beach, started asking if the apartment has available for hire. That was the spark of the idea to build another room and then another and another, building step by step what is now our beautiful hotel. We are located in a beautiful surrounding offering a friendly, family atmosphere and traditional Greek cuisine and all that at affordable prices.

Today, Bella Vista Corfu is still a family run business were each one of the members try their best to make you feel at home and offer a cozy and welcoming establishment for your vacations.

We never stopped believing that our current location, which was inherited from Katerina’s father, is one of the most beautiful places on planet earth. A magnificent, mesmerizing combination of sea and pike forest, green and blue and the beautiful surroundings assemble a small paradise.

You’re invited to enjoy your stay, our magnificent view with iconic sunsets and our cozy atmosphere. We look forward to welcome you in our Apartments.

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